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Our Culture:

Though we are engineers by profession, at the heart of things we see ourselves as craftsmen.  And we term what we do - The Art of Crafted Engineering.  It is the seamless integration of craftsmanship and engineering into the design process.  It means simple, practical designs that are both bulletproof and cost effective.  It means using stainless steel fasteners that don't corrode, anodized aluminum parts that don't oxidize and powder coated steel parts that don't rust.  It means bolted assemblies that are easy to field repair and modify.  It means a place where quality has not been reduced to the least common denominator.  It means a time, years ago, when people gave a damn about what they produced because it was a reflection of their character and integrity.  Ultimately it means attending to details, all details - from engineering to customer service.  And at RoPro Design, it means striving everyday to improve our engineering, our company and most importantly ourselves.


Our Story:

RoPro Design is an energetic company specializing in the design of robotic and mechanical prototypes.  founded in 2003, RoPro Design has built a solid reputation with our customers for high quality, innovative, and low cost solutions requiring rapid integration and robust dependability.  In plain talk, customers come to us when the budget is tight, the schedule tighter and failure is not an option.

Robotics:   On the robotics side of RoPro, our core focus is the design and construction of mobile robots in support of unmanned ground and flight vehicle development.  This includes the robotizing of pre-existing mobile platforms for autonomous navigation.  We have developed a tool-kit of unique mechanisms designed to control throttle, transmission, steering and braking systems for the majority of commercially available off-road electric and gas/diesel utility vehicles.  In addition we also design and fabricate custom robots from scratch for those circumstances where off-the-shelf just won't do.  And lastly, we design supporting hardware for various robotics applications including 3D laser scanners, cameras and sensor packages.

Acting in a subcontracting role to the nation's top robotics firms, we have designed and fabricated hardware for NASA, US Army, US Navy, DARPA, Dept of Energy and Carnegie Mellon University as well as numerous hi-tech research firms both nationally and internationally.

Mechanics:  Complementary to our robotics work but not necessarily related to it, is what we informally call 'Gadgets and Gizmos'.  This is such a diverse field, that it is difficult to define the boundaries of what we do.  Perusing the photo gallery is perhaps the best way to get a feel for what we do in this arena.  You'll find everything for devices to measure the diameter of trees to fiber optic connectors designed to live 100 ft under water.  This category of work would be best described as All Things Mechanical.

Our Customers:

As one would expect, our customers are a reflection of ourselves. They are typically on the cutting edge of technology, driven to succeed on a project that is short on funds and shorter on time. What needs done, must be done quick, done efficiently and most importantly, done right the first time as there is rarely time for a second try.


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